Another day, another example of bullying

When you’re young, you really hope that when you walk out of your school gates for the last time that you leave the bullies behind. I certainly did. I don’t harp on about my time in school because I was bullied almost every day until I got to year 11. For me, it isn’t the actions… Continue Reading»


My first Mardi Gras. With my in-laws.

My husband booked some last minute flights and decided to head to Sydney for the weekend so we could spend some time with his parents as well as all of our friends who keep moving up there. By the way, you can all stop that thanks. When we landed we noticed that the airport was… Continue Reading»


Flat packs = marriage counselling

My mother always jokes that couples shouldn’t go on a holiday too early in their relationship as they will break up. Sounds extreme but sadly we do know a few couples that this has happened to. I on the hand believe the best way to test your relationship is with flat packs. My husband Rav… Continue Reading»


When is TMI, actually TM bloody I?

* Please note this post talks about girlie things. If this is a topic you want to a void, then move along…  Last week I ended up in hospital after sustaining a Mirena IUD injury. With this information (if you know what a Mirena is) I have just told you that I hurt my uterus (or… Continue Reading»