9 months ago I got my life back

A lot can happen in 9 months. Usually if we’re talking about that time frame it has something to do with making a baby and I definitely didn’t do that. 9 months ago I had a hysterectomy. I didn’t realise how quickly the time had passed since my operation until I was flicking through some… Continue Reading»


Dealing With An Invisible Illness

While enjoying a walk with a friend in the Dandenong Rangers in 2007, I fell and injured my ankle as well as my knee – on different legs. I remember being in a wheelchair for a week and HATING life. I said to my best friend ‘Everyone is looking at me’, disliking the fact that… Continue Reading»


Another day, another example of bullying

When you’re young, you really hope that when you walk out of your school gates for the last time that you leave the bullies behind. I certainly did. I don’t harp on about my time in school because I was bullied almost every day until I got to year 11. For me, it isn’t the actions… Continue Reading»