Flat packs = marriage counselling

My mother always jokes that couples shouldn’t go on a holiday too early in their relationship as they will break up. Sounds extreme but sadly we do know a few couples that this has happened to. I on the hand believe the best way to test your relationship is with flat packs.

My husband Rav says he wished we were rich enough so that we never had to put together another flat pack again and I don’t think that is because he is lazy – it is because he is probably scared to do another one with me.

I take on the role of control freak Forewoman reading the instructions, setting up the order things need to put together and set up all the tools we need. Rav takes on the muscle role doing all the heavy lifting and most of screwing, twisting, hammering… you get the drift. Now I love my husband but I know he agrees with me when I say that he is terrible at reading maps and flat pack instructions. Yet he still persists in questions which way item A connects with item B using screws 4 & 8. Why he does this I will never know, but this is where the argument start.

I still remember our first flat pack – a desk from Fantastic Furniture. Great desk, great price, what could go wrong? Our relationship, apparently. We got half way through putting the desk together before leaving it in the lounge. A friend came over the next day to not just help us put the desk together but lead a counselling session. Since then we have managed to put together beds, bedside tables, drawers, TV units, dining tables, chairs, hall tables, more desks and a buffet. Well, I’d say my sister and I put the buffet together as Rav left me after about 5 minutes. I’m not mad about that, or any other time we have had an argument over putting pieces of furniture together.

The thing is, Rav and I both have big personalities and often believe we are right. We may take breaks, go for drives, call friends and family over to help put the furniture together but we still love the crap out of each other and hope that one day we can finish a flat pack with no arguments. Until that day comes, I will continue to post on Snapchat / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter the little tiffs, storm-offs, break downs and laugh fits then crack a beer when we’ve finished.

There is no scorecard in out relationship. We make mistakes but we make them together… which means we have less blame to carry, right? Sure.