Plan a holiday for this year and go!

My husband Rav and I made a deal a while ago that we would go on two holidays a year. I understand that this is not possible for a lot of people but we are kid and pet free, which is great because we don’t always adult very well. We also have things like Food Club where we go to our friends houses for dinner rather than going out all the time, which is just another way to save so we can get out of town every 6 months.

Most people have a travel itch somewhere inside of them, what varies is where people want to go. Some of those itches come from travelling and need to be checked out. Seriously though, we have desires to explore so we need to make promises to ourselves that we will do them.

Rav and I know where we need to cut back in life to make a holiday happen but there are three things that make it all come together for us:

Find the purpose of the trip

A holiday does amazing things but I am big believer that you need a purpose for one sometimes. If you have a reason to do it other than “YOLO”, then you will be more likely to lock everything in. Sometimes our holidays are for fun and adventure, other times they are to see friends or family. The only reason Rav and I went to Malaysia and Vietnam was to see our beautiful friends who moved there, before that I had never thought of visiting those places and now I would go back to in a heartbeat.

Set a realistic holiday destination.

Rav and I are about to go to Europe so we knew our previous holiday had to be done on a budget. We visited family and friends in Brisbane, Sydney and on the Central Coast as well as Albury. We didn’t have to pay for any accommodation, just lots of flowers and bottles of champagne to say thank you to our friends and family for hosting us. It was a 10 day road trip that helped us reset before heading into the silly season of Christmas.

Set a budget. Roughly.

You know how rules are made to be broken? I feel the same way about budgets sometimes. They do keep you in check along the way so make sure you have an idea of your daily limits and stick to them. You might end up one night at a bar drinking 8 espresso martinis on a day you only allocated $150 but that is OK – you can have 2 minute noodles the next day. Balance.

That is it. Honestly those three things will force you to think about what you want to do, where you want to do it and why, the latter being the most important one. The “why” has made Rav and I visit family and friends all over Australia, Seattle and Vancouver, friends in Sweden, Rav’s beautiful sister in London… the list goes on.

So start thinking about why you need to go on a holiday and the rest will follow. And ease up on mid week coffees and weekend drinks, you’ll be surprised how much you save.