When is TMI, actually TM bloody I?

* Please note this post talks about girlie things. If this is a topic you want to a void, then move along… 

Last week I ended up in hospital after sustaining a Mirena IUD injury. With this information (if you know what a Mirena is) I have just told you that I hurt my uterus (or somewhere around it).

And there we have it. Too much information. Pretty sure that was a record.

Whilst I understand this isn’t the perfect dinner-table conversation, in the past two weeks since sustaining the injury I have had people connect with me to tell me their IUD horror stories because they found comfort in knowing they weren’t alone.

My usual post operation selfie I send to family and friends to let them know I am OK

My usual post-operation selfie I send to family and friends to let them know I am OK

It is for this very reason I signed on as Ambassador for The Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation, Endometriosis Australia and stick my hand up for anything else where I can hear other people tell me their struggles and offer my shoulder to them.

In my close friendship circle – nothing is off limits. My bestie and I once waxed each other because the thought of exposing ourselves that week to someone in a salon seemed too much. You know you’re comfortable with your friends when you can be all up in their space like that. I just wish everyone could find someone who makes them feel as comfortable to say what is on their mind.

I am extremely lucky to have had the upbringing I did with a family who “over-communicate”. When I was a teenager standing in the kitchen with Sayuri, an exchange student we had staying with us from Japan , when my sister came over to show us her tan line she got after falling asleep in her back yard with her lace bra on. I looked at Sayuri to see if she was embarrassed for me and she actually laughed. I thought if a complete stranger can laugh at my sister showing everyone in the kitchen her breasts, then I don’t need to be embarrassed.

I understand that not everyone can speak their mind so freely, nor feel comfortable in doing so. However, I do believe stories that make you laugh, cry or shudder are the ones that we should be sharing. Life isn’t your Facebook feed; you shouldn’t feel the need to filter all of your conversations so that you are only sharing the happy stories. Find people and platforms to share the good, the bad and the ugly. In amongst the red faces and giggles, you will find other people that have a similar story to what you are sharing.