VolunTOURing with the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation

Travel. That thing we say we’re going to do but after too many YOLO weekends that include many drinks and possibly a visit to a kabab stand on the way home, sometimes your savings doesn’t get you were you want to go. Maybe it’s because you haven’t got a good enough reason to jump on a plane. I’ll give you one: VolunTOURing with the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF). Get it? Volunteering with ACCF and touring amazing places. It really is as amazing as it sounds.

Volunteering is one of the things that nourishes my soul the most. Touring nourishes my stomach because, how good is sampling food from all over the world? And I can assure you the team at ACCF and Humacharity Challenge have your back when you’re on tour with them.

People have been VolunTOURing with ACCF to Nepal, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, The Solomon Islands and Kiribati (just to name a few) for years. On these trips the team deliver vaccinations to help protect people against Human Papillomavirus (HPV), one of the leading causes of Cervical Cancer. They also assist in setting up screening clinics and ACCF help facilitate treatment for women who receive a positive result during the screening clinics.

On top of being part of the amazing work ACCF do you also tour the area you’re in. Groups have hiked and taken in the views of Mt Everest in Nepal, challenged themselves on the ‘Trek of a Thousand Dakinis’ in Bhutan and danced with the locals in Kiribati.

ACCF is dedicated to eliminating Cervical Cancer. VolunTOURing allows the team at ACCF as well as volunteers the perfect opportunity to deliver important vaccines and set up screening clinics to parts of the world where Cervical Cancer is quite often the number 1 killer of women. If you’re thinking you don’t have the right skill set – don’t worry! You only need the desire and motivation to make a difference.

If you’re looking for an amazing adventure, keen to help ACCF eliminate Cervical Cancer, make a difference in lives of girls and women in developing countries then I suggest you head here. With trips coming up to Vietnam, Nepal, Vanuatu and Bhutan, you’ve got plenty of time to start planning your VolunTOURing adventure. Hopefully I see you on one of the trips soon.

ACCF VolunTOURing in Nepal

ACCF VolunTOURing in Nepal